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Thailand Mission

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The Thailand misision was started some years ago by Kathy Ritnorakan. We were asked to sholder the

financial burden more than 10 years ago.Since 3 years ago Kathy's sister Dream and husband have  been looking after it. They are doing a great job and early on this years they received 5 children  for the first time to care for them . More children have now already been added to the Orphanage. 2 years ago we aquired a rice field and last year we aquired a tractor and trailer for them to help in their efford to grow rice and be independent. Their urgent need now is money for school fees and food and clothers.

We really appreciate your support. Donation can through our Church or bank deposit to following account

Heriage Bank BSB: 638-080 Account No : 12923737 Account name: JCSH

Pastor Larseric Sjölén and sister Siw visit Thailand at June 2013

Outside of house
New toilet
Siw with kids and local people
Thailand Mission
Pastor with boys
Dream and husband