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This is a testimony from Augustine Conteh Lecturer at Griffith University  Brisbane 

From Brain Dead to Perfect Brain!

On 20 February 2016, I took my daughter Ruth for swimming in a pool. By then, Ruth was only three (3) years old. After spending 15 minutes in the pool with Ruth, I decided to move out of the pool but she insisted to stay with our neighbour. So, I left Ruth in care of our neighbour and I went home to get ready for the University. On my way to the University, I got the prompting to return home; so, I made a U-turn and on my way back home, I got a call that my daughter was unconscious. On arrival home, I met Ruth laying on the floor, unconscious.  After 20 minutes, the ambulance arrived and took Ruth to the hospital.

When Ruth was examined at the hospital, the doctors declared her brain dead and further stated that Ruth will not make it- and even if she made it, she will become a vegetable. I told the medical doctors that everything was fine and that Ruth will wake up and be fine. Immediately, I contacted Brother Professor Eduardo to contact Pastor Eric for prayers about Ruth’s situation. In less than six hours Ruth came back to life and her brain was declared perfectly functioning. To date, there have been no issues with Ruth. Praise the Lord for His healing power. Thank you Pastor Eric for your prayers!